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Located at Hacienda Las Trancas

 Via Boquete, Las Trancas, Chiriqui, Republica de Panama,  Telephone: (507) 6-528-4693
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"I saw a child who couldn't walk, sit on a horse, laugh and talk.
I saw a child who could only crawl, mount a horse and sit up tall.
saw a child born into strife, take up and hold the reins of life.
And that same child was heard to say, Thank God for showing 

 the way." 

~ John Anthony Davis

         Our Coach not only teaches, but leads by example.



                                                                                  Matching rider's ability to difficulty
                                                                                                                                                                                               of mount is not always what meets
                                                                                                                                                                                                the eye. A great Coach knows this
                                                                                                                                                                                                upon primary assessment of rider.


                                                                                                         Equine Advisor

Having problems with your horse, or horse's health? Looking to buy a horse, but are in need of assistance?

Equine Rescue and Adoption Programme

Boquete Equestrian Club is a 12 acre, full-service horse facility located in Boquete, Panama, which offer amenities such as: Box stalls, wash-rack, tack room, and individual saddle racks;  indoor Schooling Ring, Competition Arena, round-pen and pastures for turn-out..  From riding lessons to boarding, our professional staff offers decades of combined equine experience and knowledge. We are family owned and operated and offer a fun and professional equine experience for the entire family, in a wholesome environment. Here at Boquete Equestrian Club, we strive to provide quality care for our customer's horses, superior training for our students and a healthy, safe and worry-free environment for parents and children alike.

All students are taught "from the ground up". This means students are taught how to behave around horses in general, as well as grooming and tacking.   Learning how to groom and saddle your own horse is an essential part of the riding experience and we want all of our students to be competent in these areas.  We firmly believe you are not safe on the back of the horse, until you are safe on the ground with them.    We also realize that horseback riding can become very expensive.  With that in mind, we work to maintain prices that make riding affordable for everyone.

 Boquete Equestrian Estates

If we do not have what you are in the market for, we can help you find it with professional and prompt N.A. agents

Quality Care at Affordable Prices!



B.E.C. is committed to providing the best possible care for each horse.  We offer individualized feed plans, turn-out and on-site farm manager.  We are a full care facility.  B.E.C. offers an 80' x 80' indoor schooling ring,  120' x 240' foot outdoor arena, both with sand over hard compact material footing.  Our boarder's barn is made entirely out of concrete, which we have found to be cooler in the summer and better in the winter.  It  has  12' x 12' and 12' x 14' box stalls, cross-ties available in the aisle way as well as the stalls, and wash rack for bathing.  Boarders are welcome to keep their tack boxes in front of their horses' stalls and B.E.C  also has a separate tack room for extra space.  We offer a specialized viewing deck  in the indoor arena for the parents and guests to watch as their children ride.  We have a full show jump inventory, PRCA approved gaming equipment, and bits and bobs for training your horse.



Self Care- $85/month includes:

Rental of stall, you are responsible

for your horse.

Partial Self Care- $120/month includes:

AM/PM grain feedings (you supply) and

Grass/hay feedings that you supply,

you clean your own stall, we feed. 


Horse Care -  $180/month  Includes:

AM/PM grain feedings, (you supply)

Grass/hay feedings you supply- We clean stalls

and feed- Coordinated vet and farrier


Total Care - $275/month  Includes all

of the above, feed, turn-out, plus light grooming, 

Vet and farrier handling is available for

additional fee.  We supply the feed. 


Special Care - $325/month  Includes all

of the above, exercise, plus grooming,

washing, excercise and turn-out. Worming, 

trimming, (corrective trimming and shoes 

at additional cost) Vet, farrier , and 

stallion handling is available for additional fee.

Competition Horse Care- $400/month, includes:

All of the above, plus blanketing, hoods, washing,

special supplements (you supply) clipping, specialized

grooming techniques, trail rides for condition, and arena

work on selected discipline, plus 2 free lessons to owner,

to understand cues and training aids..



Our canyon view stables and arenas sit atop the two rivers, the Caldera and the Cochea, and offer one of the best views, with Volcan Baru as our dramatic backdrop. Las Trancas is the most narrow section and located exactly where we are at the "bottle neck", many years ago, where a cowboy would round his horse of choice up on this very spot. Old remnants of the "horse" wall are still visible on this property, so it thrills us to know we're keeping tradition alive. 

The indoor arena is conveniently attached to the stables, by a comfortable viewing area. The arena footing is sand. 

Convenient access to all stalls and service areas is provided by the stable's cross-shaped design.  2 large aisle-way doors and people door create a comfortable interior environment. 

Each stall is 12' x 12' with a 24' run, and we have one 12' x 14' large Warmblood stall and a massive foaling stall. A secured tack room, tack-up areas, wash bays, two utility work areas, instructor/trainer office, and public restroom complete the floor plan.

A security system and a fly-control installation add protection to the stable. Music is constantly provided, adding a final touch to an elegant facility. We receive many compliments on our place and invite you to visit soon! 

Riding Instruction at BEC



Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, you will find what you are in need of for your
Equine Education and Riding Instruction with our Coach and her team of trainers. 







Equitation- all disciplines

Cross Country



BEC specializes in both individual and group lessons from beginner/ nervous novice riders to advanced.  We have several coaches on staff to ensure the best coach/student combination.  Lessons are offered 5 days a week, except on national holidays or Show days. Our students are taught to help each other, and everyone gets along, making for a harmonious environment for all.   The older ones help the younger ones- especially for shows, inspections, and clinics. 


Ages 2 and up
Discount for referral
School horses provided with fee
By appointment only
Year around riding






ASTM approved riding helmets are mandatory for any and all riders in the English discipline.  Western is optional, and to be ridden so at own risk.  All jumpers MUST wear approved crash vests when on course if over 3ft.  BEC can provide helmets but encourages you to buy your own to ensure proper fit.



Riding Instruction prices



1 hour private lesson  B/. 25.00

1 hour semi private lesson B/.  20.00 per person

1 hour group (3-4 riders)  B/. 15.00

1/2 hour private lesson B/. 15.00




As a means of measuring the progress and level of achievements of it’s students, Boquete Equestrian Club has established standards, keeping within the framework of the international movement of the Pony Club throughout the world.


The 2010 standards are divided into D1, D2, D3, C1, C2, C3, B, H-A, and A levels to provide a progressive programme from one level to the next in the horse management and riding.  Whenever the word “pony” is used, it is to be understood that the British call horses and ponies just that.  Upon successfully completing the examination for a rating, the member is awarded a Certificate and may begin study of the material outlined under the next higher standard.  Each rating must be achieved before the next level is attempted. 





Training with us at BEC


It is with hard work and dedication that separates the good riders from the great. 
Student, Julian Bonfiglio showing remarkable improvement over challenging combination


Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced rider, you will find what you are in need of for your Equine Education and Riding Instruction with our Coach and her team of trainers. 




Equitation- all disciplines
Cross Country


Student, Ellie Bliss and Coach, Jessica van den Burgh, pictured with "Doodlebug," during class.

 Tenacity.  Dedication.  Perseverance.  Drive.  These are all words that our  Equestrian athletes have known.  What separates them from the rest? Their style.The way they attack the course with no fear.  They forge ahead,  tackling whatever obstacle stands in their way.  We have been known for turning out extremely aggressive riders, with amazing self confidence. Whether in the show ring, or hacking out.   One word simply does not exist for us here… “defeat.” 



  Getting stubborn jumper to comply.  Note the "safety seat"  

  Brock is all concentration in Patterned Horse Racing event

Come and train with us in gorgeous Panama.  Be part of the team..  You have your choice of Quarter Horses, American Warmbloods, and the local horses, superbly trained by our Canadian coach.   It doesn’t matter if you are wanting to incorporate horse riding with a nice vacation, or you want to learn how to finally land that troublesome triple combination.   That’s what we are all about at BEC.  We offer a 3 hour tour in the mountains, or at the beach.  Our horses are lively, yet well trained.  If you want something a bit more challenging, try our volcano tour.  It is not for beginners.  With enough time of reserving your trip, we can put together 2 and 3 day excursions as well.  If you are one who likes to pack in, or to be catered to, our custom tour will meet the criteria of even the most demanding of tastes.

 Accommodations are easily obtainable just down the road at Cabinas Momentum.  BEC is situated snugly between two rivers and canyons.  You are guaranteed a precious view everyday of Rio Cochea, Potrerillos, and the volcan, if it’s not fogged in.  We are at 1000 metres, making for a perfect climate.  Not hot, nor is it cold. Temperatures vary from 60 to 86 degrees, depending on the wet and dry seasons.  Some of the sites to see here in Boquete are;  Volcan Arenal, Caldera hot springs,  hieroglyphics, coffee plantations and tours, Quetzal Trail and La Amistad National Park, as well as La Barqueta beach which is close by.  Also, take the opportunity to see our  indigenous people.  See their custom and way of life.  Take home some of their exquisite bead work, or the Kuna molas, which are intriquite,  brightly coloured patterns of animals and flowers. Learn the flora and fauna of Panama on guided nature tours.  Scale up trees and glide through the forest with the Boquete Tree Trek.  Hit the rapids with Boquete Rafting Tours, or  mountain bike treks.  See how much is really involved in getting your morning coffee to you everyday by visiting one of our many Cafetals.  Leave the Highlands and venture out to sea for some Sports Fishing.  For the ones of age, Boquete doesn’t offer a rockin’ nightlife, but the two bars owned and operated by foreigners offer a certain je nes cest quos.  If Boquete isn’t wild enough, David will certainly keep you up with their casinos, bars, clubs, and restaurants offering local cuisine, as well as ethnic. 

Once out of Boquete and in Panama City, you can enjoy a more cosmopolitan feeling.  The skyline alone will leave you amazed, and wondering if you are truly in centroamerica.  Visit the many shopping malls, and gift shops.  Take home some unique souvenirs.  Wonder El Amador, a causeway, inhabited by many wonderful restaurants, offering any menu desired.  See the boats in the marina.  Breath in Panama as you gaze upon the city in it’s sparkling splendour.  Just a short jaunt away you will end up in the
old part of the city, Casco Viejo.  Enjoy many old, restored and dilapidated buildings of the time period.  Some dating back to the buildings that weathered attacks from the pirates of the Caribbean.


Starting and Training

From big to small, we train them all. We offer a state-of-the-art "Equine Boot Camp" for the more unruly horses, so have no fear... we can handle even the most rank horses. We will not take malicious horses, though.

My training techniques are very quiet and calm. I do not use any harsh training methods. I pride myself in my gentle methods of colt starting and training. I do encourage you to have your ground work started and going solid so that I can focus my attention on riding and training.  Some Horses need more extensive ground training and will need extra time on this and would take away from my riding time.  If you would like ground work first before training, I will give you a discount for this.

I start all of the horses myself and will set aside 7 to 10 hrs of training time each week on your horse depending on it's age. Usually it is 5 days a week 2 hrs a day.  After the horse has a good solid foundation going I will have another assistant ride them a few times so they get the feel of another rider.

Once a horse is going good in the arena, I will start them on the trails near our facility. If you would like more extensive trail riding experience I can take them to other locations for a small fee.  Some days I will go on 4 or 5 hr trail rides.  This gives your horse solid trail experience.

During the time your horse is in training you are encouraged to come by any time to see the progress of your horse. I will give each client lessons on their horse to show what progress has been made and any problems that still need work.

I also offer 2 week tune ups at a discounted rate. These tune ups are designed to get your horse back into shape and performing in the way it was before being off for any length of time. It will also help when you are looking to sell a horse. 

At this time I will be working at clients homes and I can board horses at a facility to train.  I will travel to you when needed.

Jessica van den Burgh
26 years experience

Equine Advisor

Because everyone needs help with their horse from time to time

Selecting your horse

Much time and care should go into selection of your prospective mount. You must find one that is safe, sound and possesses a good temperament. You must know if the horse has been drugged for your "showing" while you try him out, or if the owner is up to any tricks. This is the horse world. It's brutal for beginners, and many a tear has been shed, after first purchases, which didn't turn out as planned. Therefore, if you are new, you should seek the experience and plethora of knowledge from a true horse person. Jessica van den Burgh is the ideal Advisor, as she is not only a Trainer, but Coach as well as Scientific Farrier, Certified in the states. You are getting a behavioural specialist, Foot Doctor and Judge of horses, all in one. .

"She can pick a horse apart with conformation faults and spare you an ordeal of wondering why the "pretty" horse you bought can't trot or canter without falling down. She can spare you the agony of buying a horse that is useless with lameness or near death problems. If you are looking to buy a horse... take her along. She has been many student's and friend's advisor, and is our horse consultant."

Help is at hand. Selecting a horse can be a hassle and bit of a guessing game to new horse people. We will help you find that perfect dream horse, according to your finances, abilities and intended direction. Whether you’re looking for the next national champion, or a loving pet. 

We will tell you the pros and cons of each horse, whether or not this horse is right for you, and ultimate prospect potential. We will point out any conformation faults, leg faults, injuries or illness that would impede the horse in any way.  Furthermore, if you find that perfect horse, but it is a bit under in the hoof area, we can rehabilitate it back to sound, giving you your dream mount.  

Learn what equipment is good and bad

       Why does my horse have a sore back?

       If the bit is too thin or thick, what happens?

       Why did my saddle slip?

       How can I find tack that fits?

We offer advice and counseling in everything. From different type of bits and why to use them, to what saddle works for your horse and why the saddle you are using does not. Training tack and equipment, tack, protective items, and how they work. If necessary, we will put you through a small course in; Bits and bitting, Saddles and different styles, Training equipment, Ground training, Feed and supplements, or a custom made programme.

Equine consulation fee is $15.00 per hour. This includes prospect inspections (looking at a new horse) vet check/soundness  (she is not a DVM, yet is more well informed/experienced than most of the vets here) injured horses, tack inspections, etc.  

Truth behind Round Pens

If you are having a problem with your horse, we will steer you toward tried and true training methods- some involving round pens, but not all. Now the round pen only does so much for a horse, and does not mean, by any standards, that he is trained. You still have to train him to be safe in traffic. Hold his own under semi-dangerous situations and so on. You can not make a horse pick up leg cues while on the ground, or soften his mouth.

The truth behind round pens

I am sure all those horse whispering fans out there are gasping right now. Go ahead. We old style horse people were doing what good old Monty is doing now in this decade, centuries ago. Besides, we know that “half them horses out there are plum deaf.”  We were not amazed when his book came out. We just were sorry we didn’t write a similar book that made millions, cashing in on what every horse person worth a plug nickel already knew.

Who knew about round pens?

Our great-great grand pappy used a round pen. It’s nothing new. It’s just common sense. It’s also an easier form of training than actually having to ride a horse, and gets into its head and grabs the horse's attention. Although you will notice that half of the pens have the bars covered, making the horse focus directly on that person. No distractions. Same is true when the pen is high. When a horse is being pursued (predator and prey) the herd animal takes flight and runs and runs until it gets either tired, or understands the benefits of reconciliation between predator (you) by giving up. The Plains Indians did this when acquiring new ponies.

A horse WILL give up… any horse.

When a horse is getting ready to execute this deal, it will start licking at it's lips, the inside ear will cock toward you, and it may relieve itself. These all are tell tale signs that you are about to win. What happens when any wild horse is chased in its natural environment is that the predator pursues, the horse takes flight. After running at some point the prey animal will turn around to see what was chasing it. I am sure you see that even on Discovery with Thompson’s Gazelle and the little dik-diks. Horses as well. They all live the same nervous life. The semi-tame horse will put up quite a battle (not paying you any attention) in the round pen. It will try to get the one up on you as it does roll backs, sliding stops,  and switches direction, all to spite you. These types of horses keep trainers very busy, always trying to remain one step ahead of them, and keep them from getting their own way. As soon as a horse knows you are in charge ( aggressive posture and stance) and they are beaten, you take a non intimidating stance, and voila… the horse miraculously “joins up.”  The horse will then come to you and follow you all over. This is just natural horse behaviour. We have called it for generations Equine language. Nothing new. No new methods, just different lingo.

So why did we have to go and tell you this?

Now we could have been really keen and not clued you in on this equine behavior, making us out to be gods in the horse world like so many others we have seen and dealt with. But we don’t profess to have any miracle cures for horses. We don’t profess to have invented anything or created a new fangled training method. What our trainer uses is good horse sense for one, Aussie method by Jeffry, and Plains Indian ways. Our trainer can actually talk to horses outside of round pens. What our claim to fame is; understanding the mind of the horse, and TIME. You can not rush a horse. 

What does Jessica say?

     “ If only I had a round pen to train my wild painted Indian stallion caught in the four corners area of Arizona by the Navajo’s... My life would have been sooo much easier! All I had was a good lead horse I could depend on, and a dang good breaking saddle I used to pony him along. My one week of gentling him down could have come to a close in just a matter of minutes. Although, I wouldn’t use the “ whispering method.” I would definitely use my good old, tried and true, Aussie method I picked up from Jeffry. Those Aussie’s are excellent horse people. ”

Upon asking her what she thinks of whispering to horses…

     “ I don’t remember learning how to ride horses, as I was sitting a trot even in my mom's stomach. However, I can tell you I do remember working in a round pen we had built back in the 70’s when I was just a kid. I can also say my mom taught me to communicate with horses Indian style, by blowing into the nostrils, using body language, and lots of words. Did I ever whisper to my horse?”  Laughs “ Yeah, I did… when I was telling my pony a secret as a kid. Other than that I have to say I speak to my horses in training. If I whispered they couldn’t hear me. ”

We asked her if she would ever use this man’s method?

     “ Yeah! I have used it since I started breaking out horses when I was just a kid. I just didn’t know it was already spoken for, until Monty’s book came out. ” She laughs again. “ Do you realize that we horse people, from all walks of life, and locations on the globe, have all used this method, along with others since the beginning of time?  Someone should do a documentary on this. Travel to the Nez Pierce tribe, go to Ireland, see how the Bedouins, and far Asian cultures do it. Would prove very interesting.”

Interview with Trainer/Farrier and Coach, Jessica van den Burgh

Who shaped your teaching, training and riding style the most, Jessica?

“ With out a doubt my mom. She is a superb horse woman and taught me all my horse sense, which has saved my neck many times. When I started showing horses, we of course had to seek professional help. My first trainer, Cindy Jamison, taught me how to ride English, jump, and used to nail me in her gruff manner, whenever I tied a horse wrong, or did something stupid that only kids do. Next, I would credit Tony Newbury. Although we didn’t quite get along over there in England, ( you too Fiona )  I thank him for showing me a very aggressive, defensive, old style of jumping, as only his tenure on the Great Britain Equestrian Team could bestow. Although Canada still holds rank in Equitation. I named my stable in Canada after a man named Xenephon. He was a Greek cavalry officer, BC. He brought about the first humane breaking out and starting of young horses in history. Lastly, I give credit to my Cadres and military training. I always taught my students to ride like little soldiers.. I just never pictured myself being trained as one. I learned how to impart team-work, instill morale and delegate orders, which I use to this day in my training and coaching methods. This is how I am capable of managing 9 kids at the same time, keeping all my little "ducks" in a row, and working. The Equestrian World was solely based on military style riding, which is evident in our most beloved, and complicated Dressage moves. My training/showing career was molded by this style, and I learned responsibility, courage, tenacity and perserverance, which I pass off to all my students who walk through my door". 

What are your goals here in Central America as such a stupendous coach and trainer?

    “ I hope to share my joy and enthusiasm of horses with anyone who is interested. I would like to increase awareness of equine care and maintenance, elevating the horse’s status above a dispensable beast of burden, to a beloved friend. If my students are happy and learning, I have succeeded in my task, and complete my mission.  I would also like to bring a little bit of organized North America to this disorganized horse world where people really don’t know what they are doing, and are still at least 15 years behind us. ”

Jessica, are there other stables in Panama that offer what you do?

     “ Yes. To my knowledge there are stables which offer Dressage and Jumping, but only in Panama City area, not here in Chiriqui."

 So, what separate Boquete Equestrian Club Estates from everyone else?

     “ Two words. Friendly people. My students are not out to slit throats and don’t have bad attitudes. They love horses. They actually brush and tack their own horses. None of my students can ride without doing that. Also, I have never really seen such a rich blend of great disciplines. Also we are very aggressive riders! We have people who jump, riding side by side with barrel-racers and reiners, and they adore each other. None of this English versus Western rivalry like so many other stables I know. We’re just an obsessed lot of horse people who love our animals. ”


BEC Membership

Introductory Prices for year 2011



Membership Type - Individual or Family or Day

Membership types may be Individual, Family, or Day.


Individual Equestrian Membership-

Any adult over the age of 18 may subscribe, either themselves or a minor to be an Individual Member. This Membership is valid for one year, payable monthly by automatic credit card charge, or annually, in advance
with a discount.  The prvileges of membership include access to the indoor and outdoor arenas, trail access, clubhouse, cross country course shall be exercised by the Individual Member, only.




Family Equestrian Membership- 

Any adult, along with their immediate family, is eligible to be a Family Member. This Membership is valid for one year, payable monthly by automatic credit card charge, or annually, in advance with a discount.  The privileges of the Club extend to each member of the immediate household. Household includes a spouse and all unmarried children under the age of 21, living in the same house. The privileges of membership include access to the indoor and outdoor arenas, trail access, clubhouse, and cross country course.



Day Membership-

 Day Memberships are valid only on the day of issue.  $ 5.00.

Membership Level – Silver, Gold, Platinum-

 Memberships, whether Individual, Family, or Day, may be one of various levels of access.


Silver Membership- 

 Silver Membership includes the use of boarding and facilities at standard fees.  $250.00 per year


Gold Membership-

 Stables and boarding, indoor and outdoor arenas, trail access, clubhouse and club house reserve rights, cross country course, bridle trail., and shall only be exercised by the designated person.  $450.00 per year.

  Platinum Membership-

 The Platinum Member has exclusive rights and privileges.  In addition to all the benefits of the Silver and Gold they will have first choice to all training schools,  and clinics at no additional cost.   Includes a position on the board of advisors. SPECIAL PLATINUM PASSES VERIFYING THAT THEY ARE PLATINUM  MEMBERS AND ON THE BOARD OF ADVISORS. Priority access to facilities. All board of directors have the right to vote for member of the year award.  $650.00 per year.


Shows and Clinics

Halloween Dog and Pony Show, 24th of October

Over 100 people turned out for the show! Dog Show people of professional levels joined us as BEC, exhibiting their amazing and lovely breeds. We had a terrific demonstration in Agility and Dog Training, as well as a final showing of our wonderful stallion, Taylor's Air Up There, riding to Caravan (The Camels) by world famous Harpist and soloist, Lori Pappajohn.

(Lot #2 at Boquete Equestrian Club Estates currently offered for sale. More info. under Estates)

Pony rides were enjoyed by the children, brought to us by a local man and his sweet little herd.

We had the biggest dogs!

And the smallest dogs!

And very cool dogs! Costume Class

Hopefully Amigos de Animales adopted some doggies out today!

Purina sponsored event! Our Best of Show Champions! Our Derek Prettoe with Champ, Clayton (Far left)

Bring on the Ponies! Coach Jessica van den Burgh prepping Emily Anne Miller and Mount, "Skippy" for Costume class

Ryan Braasch from RE/MAX as "Fartmer Brown" with Mount, "Lucinda Sheridan", a Percheron mare in full harness

Julian Alden Bonfiglio riding "Tobasco" a Thoroughbred gelding, costume as Knight and Steed

Standing at Stud, Taylor's Air Up There. Our Coach, Jessica van den Burgh as Medieval Jerusalem Knights Templar Steed in Freestyle Dressage




Sale Horses at BEC

Tell us what you're looking for and we will find it. If you would like a gigantic Warmblood (like ours) let us know, and we will breed (with deposit of $2500) our wonderful mare and stallion. Foal would be 4 months of age, and ready to go to your home. All our babies are extremely kind and willing, easy learners and all have a fancy presence.

Webpix/dog%20party.jpg                                   Webpix/Party%20Pony.jpg

Events & Parties

Book your event at our facility, or have us travel to you. We offer pony rides (cart rides coming soon) and a small petting zoo, (goats, lambs, rabbits, ponies). If you have a theme in mind, we will do all we can to cater with our ponies. Make your child's Birthday an unforgettable event. 

(most beloved) pony,  Doodlebug                                        HAVE PONIES- WILL TRAVEL! 

Stud Service
                 Taylor's Air Up There                                                                                    
  AWS, Half Thoroughbred and Pan-American Sport Horse stallion

  Super gentle, well behaved, and passes his wonderful disposition on to offspring      

 Our stallion's Sire... RIP, Taylor.

                                       Boquete Equestrian Estates 

 7 minutes to quaint, picturesque coffee town

 Ocean/mountain views

 Fully fenced English style rock wall, with stone column entrance

 24 hour security

 Located between 2 canyons with rivers

 Riding academy and Equestrian Centre   


1500+ meter2 lot for sale, prime location to main stables and arena.
For more information, call (507) 6-528-4693



For anyone contemplating horseback riding lessons in the Boquete/David area, there is only one person I would recommend - Jessica at Boquete Equestrian Center. Jessica has been riding and competing since she was seven years old and all that experience really shows. She teaches riding in a safe and systematic way that gives beginning riders a very solid foundation to grow on, both in the saddle and on the ground. Her knowledge and mastery of all the disciplines makes her the perfect instructor for a more advanced rider, as well as a superb trainer. Whether your goal is pleasure, competition, or a top notch training facility for your horse, I cannot recommend anyone more enthusiastically. Jessica would be a find anywhere in North America, but to find her here, in our little corner of the world, is liking finding gold!

~ Susan Bostrom, mother of a 12 year old dressage student

So, I am a city girl, raised in the suburbs. But through some amazing twists and turns, I find myself now on 20 acres, here in rural Panama. One of the big draws to country life was that my daughter could finally get a horse. We found and purchased a beautiful stallion, but we both soon came to realize that there is a mountain of information to be learned and understood when it comes to horses. We thought simply turning our stallion into a gelding would be enough to calm him, but again, we learned that he needed way more training than we were equipped to give. Our boy was slightly wild and all of my children and their friends were afraid of him. This was not what I had envisioned with the dreams of owning a horse. So, when I heard of Jessica and that she would be willing to train him, I was thrilled. I knew I didn't want the local way of training which usually involves what I would call questionable methods. Jessica has a round pen, and I did know enough to know this is a superior method. Not only did she work with our horse, she worked with my daughter and myself as well, until our bad boy saw us as authority figures and decided to show some respect. Now we have a calm boy, that all my kids trust. My daughter and I have been equipped with the necessary information and understanding to maintain our horse's respect and ultimately keep all of us happier. He has been transformed from an unnerving liability that we felt we simply couldn't handle, to a focal point and source of pride for our farm. Jessica's knowledge and ability to work with and understand horses is unmatched in this region. She is wonderfully patient with children and has an amazing instinct with the training process of both the rider and horse. Anyone who is willing to put their faith in her for either their personal training or their horses', will be moved toward a broader and healthier understanding of the Equestrian science, from the human perspective and the horse's and will more fully equipped to enjoy all elements of horsemanship.

~ Jenni Bliss

“ I was an American looking for a place to ride, and saw the sign on the highway, so I stopped in and scheduled a lesson for the next day. I have been training in the states. I had never jumped. In that first lesson Jessica had me doing cross rails at the end of the lesson, on her amazing American Warmblood. Bravo, Jessica!”  

Brenda Mertz, California

“ There are many trainers and coaches in the lower mainland. I had searched high and low for someone willing to work with my little Arabian mare. No one wanted to, saying that she was too crazy and an Arab to boot. We all know Arabians have a bad rap in the horse world. Anyhow, I called Jessica up after someone gave me her Xenophon business card. She taught many of the local girls who jumped and did dressage. Not only did she correct Flicka’s problem, she also helped out with my grumpy gelding turning him into a nice horse as well. I actually cried when she told me she was going to move to Central America. Where ever would I find such a great trainer? ”

 Miriam, Coquitlam, B.C. Canada

  “ I ride English and am constantly looking for someone who will work with my horse. I love him and don’t want to sell him, but all my coaches hate him, and they kept me from showing and competitions. We're talking banned from all lower mainland areas! Jessica had just moved a horse into Hazelmere Stables, where I board, and she agreed to work with my gelding. Not only did she fix his bucking problem… He used to buck like a PRCA horse making it so I couldn’t even ride! She also corrected his balking at the jump. You see… All my coach’s don’t have that aggressive way of riding Jessica does. Because she is not just English, but rides Western as well. I have never seen someone buck out a horse like she did. And this was in an Engish saddle! That horse listened to her after that. He respected her so much, he would even look to her to see what she told him next. She only used body language. Never force. Thanks to her I can now hack my knot-head out and about in the Hazelmere Equestrian Park area, and not be asked to leave. I can also go to shows. Thank you, Jessica!

One happy equestrian! Sara- Langley, B.C. Canada


Equine Rescue and Adoption Programme                             Webpix/EFR-Logo.jpg

Skippy before, pictured 4 Mar, 2010
His name was "Arrechovengo" which translates to something HORRIBLE! Showing just how horrible his horrible owner was to him
 This little guy was just 1.5 years old and was being ridden, carrying massive loads and heavy riders. He was full of internal parasites and had ticks, making him very thin, compounded by lack of proper nutrients and water. Belly is round from all the parasites. Photo does not show how ribby he was. We called him, "Hide wrapped around bone".

Rider is way too large for colt! You can see how his ribs shown. He had no water, or food that day. The owner was "showing" me how good this colt was, by running him on our paved driveway. I cringed. He was barely strong enough to walk, let alone run.

Three weeks after we acquired him. He was started out slowly on high protein grass, and feed, increasing poco a poco, until his body became accustomed to new diet (food!). He had calcification on bridge of nose.. sign of starvation.

 The students and their parents brought him yummy treats, and he started to fill out, always and forever grateful for the nice way of handling him (with out punishment and cruelty) and the rewards, even if it was just an encouraging pat on the neck.

 And here is our reward! Notice change in coat colour? Those are the visible signs of going from starvation to acquiring proper diet.        

Skippy's most recent photo.

Skippy is adored by all, and is now ridden (his knees have closed) loving life as a lesson pony, with all the food, attention and love a pretty pony deserves.

 One of our rescue/adopted ponies

Webpix/Too%20adorable.jpg  Webpix/A.J.%20&%20Doodles.jpg

Our very own (loved by all who know him) Doodlebug (The Bug) Before- Jan 26, 2005 and now (Pictured with AJ) He was a rescue, guys!
when I bought him, he was very stressed from walking on the pavement, carrying childred (at Chorrera Fair) as a pony string guy. His tendons were swollen, and he could barely climb down out of the truck when he was delivered to my house. Obviously he suffered abuse and trauma! It took 5 years for him to trust everyone, and 4 years for him to love me. Now he is our Bug. We will keep him forever as our adorable little mascot, and beginner /lead linepony.

He has taught over 100 children how to ride, in his time with us!
... and loves every minute, as he works for carrots and bananas.. and love!

If you know of a horse in need, please contact us. We will rescue any horse, pony, or donkey. If owners refuse to part with animal on rescue basis, we will pay limited amount, just to get poor creature away from deplorable conditions.

We always take volunteers and donations.

Boquete Equestrian Club
Jessica van den Burgh
Las Trancas, between Hogar Trisker and Las Ruinas

Feel down? Saddle up!

 Comment by Boquete Equestrian Club on October 12, 2010 at 8:03pm
 Hi Judy,

Thanks for those very kind words, much appreciated! Anything I can help you out with, do not hesitate in asking. We all started out as newbies (even if it was decades ago ;) and had help from the locals who had moved here. Ryan (below) is our Real-Estate guy. We won't use anyone else. If you have not contacted him already, I strongly urge you to do so, as he could help you locate your perfect home, either temp, or perm.

Skippy is a very lucky little pony, and I wish I could save them all. He is very much loved by all the students here, and is, for the first time in his very young little life, getting all the nutrients his little body should have had all along. It's great to see him run, buck and squeal with sheer joy. He used to walk around like a little zombie, with no life, or personality. :(

Don't be a stranger, and have a great day!
  Comment by Judy A. Nelson on October 8, 2010 at 4:10pm
 Thank you for inviting me to be a friend BEC. You wrote on my blog, giving an example of a rental house and I feel greatly encouraged. I just read and looked at the story about Skippy, the now beautiful horse. It is people like you that make this world a better place. Thank you again.
  Comment by Ryan Braasch on September 7, 2010 at 6:36pm
From personal experience, this pony is nice as can be and a great experience to be around. Surely the result of the love from a caring (new) owner who gave him the opportunity to interact with the Boquete community. Well done!


Boquete Equestrian Estates
Via Boquete, North of Las Ruinas
Boquete, Republica de Panama

(507) 6-528-4693